Microtrac Nanotrac Wave

Microtrac Nanotrac Wave

Microtrac Nanotrac Wave Data Sheet
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Microtrac Nanotrac Wave Nanotechnology Particle Size Analyzer

Nanotechnology Particle Characterization Solutions

3 Measurements from 1 Instrument

Microtrac has been a pioneer in particle sizing technology for over 35 years! In 1990 Microtrac released the Ultrafine Particle Analyzer incorporating the Controlled Reference Method of analysis of dynamic light scattering particle sizing. The Nanotrac Wave is the latest generation of dynamic light scattering sub-micron analyzers from Microtrac.

The enhanced design of the Nanotrac Wave adds Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight analysis capabilities in a modular package that can be rapidly reconfigured to meet special application needs with ease. Fixed optics design with no moving components ensures long term stability with highly repeatable results from day to day as well as instrument to instrument.

Nanotrac complies with the ISO 22412 standard for Dynamic Light Scattering.

The main features of the Nanotrac Wave:

  • Technology - Dynamic Light Scattering incorporating the patented Controlled Reference Method for advanced power spectrum analysis of Doppler shifts under Brownian Motion.
  • Range - Measurement capability from 0.8 to 6500 nanometers. Zeta Potential from -125 to +125MV.
  • Sample Size - Typically less than 3ml in zeta cell, or as low as 50l with size only cell option.
  • Rapid Analysis - 15 to 30 second analysis times in most cases.
  • Analysis Simplicity - No "A Priori" or advance knowledge of the particle size distribution is required. Nanotrac will accurately report monomodal, multimodal, broad and narrow distributions without the need to select special calculation algorithms.
  • Accuracy - Measures using Mie scattering calculations for spherical particles and proprietary Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles. This feature is unique to Microtrac.
  • Repeatability - Better than 1% from instrument to instrument for 100nm polystyrene.
  • Traceability - Particle Size measurements traceable to NIST standards.
  • Concentration - Capable to measurements up to 40% reducing the need to dilute samples which may affect particle size or colloid stability. Low concentration measurements down to 100ppb possible due to high signal level from Controlled Reference Method.
  • Temperature Control - Precise temperature monitoring and compensation eliminates the need for temperature control baths or devices.
  • Versatility - Nanotrac Wave probe can be external for use in autosamplers (NAS), Dip-N-Run configuration or in-line applications. Nanotrac Wave is also compatible with the Zetrator auto-titration device.
  • Validation - Full IQ/OQ support documentation is available
  • Security - Nanotrac FLEX software meets or exceeds FDA 21 CFR Part 11 protocols.

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