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Nanotech Technologies bench top Production of Carbon Nanotube

Looking for a research-grade instrument that also allows complete process control for your teaching environment? The versatile Nanotech Innovations SSP-354 provides a reliable source of carbon nanotubes for research projects and product development, while serving as a robust educational tool for academic labs.

With a footprint of less than 4 sq.ft., the SSP-354 can be located virtually anywhere in your lab, even within standard fume hoods. The novel translucent gold shielding dramatically reduces radiative heating outside the furnace, while allowing visual inspection of the deposition process in motion.

If you are enthusiastic to integrate nanotechnology into your research or curricula, look no further. Nanotech provides the system, materials and process conditions for you to harvest carbon nanotubes in just a few hours.

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are among the most important raw materials for use in tomorrow’s products. They pack the conductivity and strength of graphene sheets within nanoscale cylinders exhibiting extreme length-to-diameter aspect ratios. As such, CNTs are poised to continue impacting the materials, electronics, medical and energy sectors.

Don’t be left behind. The SSP-354 is a simple to use chemical vapor deposition system providing you full control of the growth parameters for your desired CNTs. With just a single feedstock, high quality CNTs are grown on a quartz substrate that can reused over and over again.

Nanotech's patent-pending process employs an organometallic precursor that supplies catalytic nuclei necessary for CNT synthesis. Simply load the injector and press start; a carrier gas and adjustable thermal gradient provide the optimal conditions for vapor diffusion and growth within the hottest region of the instrument. No more catalyst pre-deposition. No more expensive substrate preparation.

Their system also alleviates the time and effort typically required for post-growth purification. Raw CNTs prepared by the SSP-354 are low in residual catalyst and amorphous carbon impurities, as demonstrated by thermogravimetric analysis, Raman spectrometry and electron microscopy. Their staff provide the expertise to get CNTs working for you today, not tomorrow.

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