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Rudolph Instruments, founded in 1948 by Hellmuth Rudolph in New Jersey, has been a historical and global name in the manufacture of Digital PolarimetersDigiPol Digital Polarimeters and Saccharimeters

They are now named DigiPol Technologies in order to create a distinctive identity for our leading edge brand name technology the DigiPol Nova series of Automatic Polarimeters. Our brand has been synonymous with innovative and quality Polarimeter Technology.

The name change coincides with the introduction of the latest DigiPol Nova, a range of fully featured Automatic Polarimeter designed to comply with all the leading Pharma requirements: USP, BP, JP, and EP. On this occasion we rededicate ourselves to the vision of innovative and quality technology of our founder, Mr. Hellmuth Rudolph.


Automatic Polarimeters

The DigiPol Nova Series of Automatic Polarimeters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding optical rotation measurements for the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and research labs.

All DigiPol Nova Polarimeters can be equipped with the Unique DigiTherm™ Peltier Temperature Control System for all Pharmacopeias using all standard Polarimeter Cells.

Manual Polarimeters

The Sirius 251 Visual Polarimeter is a high precision, cost-effective Manual Polarimeter.

The unique Vernier of the Sirius 251 allows reading of Left (levo) or Right (dextro) rotation with ease and accuracy

Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and school laboratories, the Sirius 251’s functional design provides exceptional optics, maximum light transfer to sample, in addition to a host of other benefits.


Automatic Saccharimeters

The DS series are designed to meet the specific measurement requirements of Sugar Technologists around the world.

With their high accuracy and repeatability, the DS series is widely used in the Sugar Industry for measuring the purity of sugars and sugar juices in an effort to control and value products. All units come standard with low cost lamps that deliver long life and stability.


Arago Refractometer

The refractometer ARAGO is dedicated to fluid refractive index measurements.

The refractive index is the ratio between the speed of light radiation in a vacuum and its speed in the sample medium.