Weak Spots for Mosquito Eggs

Malaria. Yellow fever. Zika. Dengue. West Nile virus. These are a some of the illnesses that millions of people contract each year throughout the world thanks to mosquitoes. The World Health Organization estimates that these illnesses cause more than 700,000 fatalities yearly. In an effort to reduce this enormous cost on public health,

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Performing Regular Repairs on Incubators and Refrigerators

Powers Scientific chambers are designed to last; in fact, we frequently get requests for parts for machinery that is over fifteen years old. A simple routine maintenance program can help save electricity use, avert expensive malfunctions, and prolong the life of a chamber. This is a brief summary of the actions you may

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How Do We Forget?

Sometimes it’s better to forget something than to recall it. Discarded memories occupy space that could be better used to gather more recent, relevant data. Although the specifics of memory formation remain poorly known, it is anticipated that synapses—vast networks of interconnected nerve cells—will play a significant role in the process. Scientists surmise

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