TOMI™ Environmental Solutions, Inc. (OTCQX:TOMZ) is a global disinfection/decontamination and infection prevention company, providing environmental solutions for indoor surface disinfection through manufacturing, sales and licensing of its premiere Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) platform, which was invented under a defense grant in association with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense. This state of the art technology produces a fog represented by the SteraMist™ brand.


STERAMIST Surface Unit

The SteraMist™ Surface Unit is a fully portable, hand-held, point and spray disinfection/decontamination system.

Application time of only five seconds per square foot and a seven minute contact time to disinfect/decontaminate.

The SteraMist™ BIT™ solution and Surface Unit can be used on hard, non-porous, high touch surfaces, including fabrics and curtains.

STERAMIST Select Surface Unit

Offering expanded versatility in use, the specialized SteraMist™ Select Surface Unit is designed for small spaces and enclosures, is a disinfection / decontamination system with adjustable timer, air and fluid control.

STERAMIST Environment System​

The SteraMistTM Environment System is transportable and provides complete room disinfection/decontamination, deodorization, and mold mitigation using multiple treatment applicators per unit.

Effective whole complete room treatment in just under 45 minutes* for a room (3,663.7 ft.3/104 m3).

STERAPAK Portable Sterilizer

SteraPak is the newest addition to the SteraMist line of disinfection products. ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) Technology developed by DARPA and powered by nature, the SteraPak delivers uncompromising efficacy that goes anywhere you go to provide an unprecedented level of control over your disinfection application. Perfect for a wide variety of industries and endless use sites!

  • SteraMist disinfection that is cordless and compact.
  • Non-corrosive disinfection application for every surface.
  • Reach the smallest of areas with a six-log efficacy.
  • Eco-friendly disinfection using ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) technology kills pathogens on contact.
  • Just insert BIT-100 solution and spray – no mixing, wiping, or rinsing required.
  • Exclusively compatible with BIT-100 solution.


Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT) Solution

Binary Ionization Technology®  Solution is designed specifically as a hospital-healthcare ready-to-use disinfectant fogging/aerosolized spray product specifically designed for use with SteraMist™ instruments.


Protak Enzyme Indicator Technology

Betatek is pleased to offer Protak’s line of Enzymatic Biological Indicator (EI) products. This thermostable Adenylate Kinase validation technology offers the pharmaceutical and life sciences market a 60-second quantitative validation process post-decontamination treatment vs. the standard in today’s market which is a binary pass/fail with a 7-day wait prior to reusing the treated room or releasing the sterilized products.

TOMI has the opportunity to offer its clients not simply the most innovative technology on the market for decontaminating spaces and the fastest validation process to prove it.

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