MSE Centrifuges

MSE Centrifuges


MSE Kestrel Microcentrifuge


The Kestrel is a small compact non-refrigerated clinical benchtop centrifuge capable of spinning 6 blood tubes at over 3000g.

Reliable, compact and easy to use, the Kestrel centrifuge is the perfect addition to any medical environment where a small number of blood tubes need to be processed quickly and efficiently.

MSE MicroCentaure Microcentrifuge


Modernized version (2022) of the Micro Centaur micro centrifuge. The new version adds new features, updated design, and is now more reliable and easy-to-use.

Small centrifuge, ventilated, table laboratory centrifuge, intended for basic applications and sample preparation. With minimal dimensions it provides the ease of use, allowing for quick and accurate separation of mixtures, suspensions, body fluids, biological samples or other components with different densities under the influence of the centrifugal force. It was designed specifically for the needs of small medical laboratories of family doctors, veterinary clinics and aesthetic medicine cabinets or other laboratories, in which you can often centrifuge from one to several tubes at the same time. Only dedicated for 1,5/2ml and capillaries tubes and pcr strips.

MSE MiroCentaur R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


Micro Centaur R is the refrigerated version of the Micro Centaur microcentrifuge.

MSE Hawk Microcentrifuge


With its wide range of rotors and accessories this centrifuge enables proper preparation of the sample for both routine medical and veterinary tests, launch of various therapies including in regenerative medicine, as well as to perform other research including scientific, clinical research, research in cosmetology and many others.

MSE Hawk R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


The Hawk R is the refrigerated version of the Hawk.

Benchtop Centrifuges

MSE Harrier Benchtop Centrifuge


The Harrier is a high-performance, most versatile, table top laboratory centrifuge that offers the largest range of available rotors and other accessories (containers, reduction inserts, consumables).
It covers all capacities of tubes and centrifuge containers (from 0.2 ml to 250 ml) available on the market, with only one machine, making this centrifuge irreplaceable in laboratories of many branches: medicine, chemistry, science, biology, cosmetology, experimental molecular cuisine, food industry, environmental protection, and others. Devices ensure high centrifugation parameters, precision (accuracy of parameter setting, to “1”), and thus repeatability of the entire sample preparation process for further specialized tests.

MSE Harrier R Benchtop Centrifuge


The Harrier R is the refrigerated version of the Harrier.

MSE Falcon Benchtop Centrifuge


This benchtop centrifuge, with a capacity of 3 liters, can be adapted to different applications. Thanks to its wide range of adapters it can centrifuge all sizes of tubes and bottles. With the same machine you can centrifuge up to 148 tubes of 5ml, 4 bottles of 750 ml, or a mixture of tubes or bottles. It allows low and medium-speed centrifugation and is available in refrigerated and ventilated versions. A dedicated trolley is available to move your Falcon effortlessly.

MSE Falcon R Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge


The MSE Falcon 6/300R benchtop centrifuge is a powerful induction drive, 3 litre capacity centrifuge, with refrigeration. A range of adapters are available for use with almost any size tube or bottle. The Falcon 6/300R benchtop centrifuges represent excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.

Floor-Standing Centrifuges

MSE Cellsep Floor-Standing Centrifuge

CELLSEP 620/720 R

Recognized for its robustness, its reliability, and its simplicity of use, the Cellsep is able to operate in the laboratory without disturbing your co-workers thanks to its very low noise level. Its solid design allows it to be used even in severe environments (humidity, temperature variations).

Guaranteed maintenance-free, this model is very appreciated by users with its easy step-by-step programming, and its start and stop buttons on the front panel. Maintained in the catalogue for more than 30 years at the insistence of our customers, the Cellsep is a safe, versatile machine, that will meet all your production applications.