GlobePharma manufactures a variety of products for unit-dose and bulk sampling of powders, liquids and semi-solids. They also offer a complete line of remote swabbing and microbiological sampling tools. In addition, they manufacture a manual tablet compaction machine.

Powder and Liquid Samplers


Samplers with interchangeable dies for unit-dose sampling are available in different diameters, lengths and models.


Standard duplicate-sample design. 0.875” in diameter. Two unit-dose samples are obtained from exactly the same spot at each sample port.


Standard triplicate-sample design. Three unit-dose samples are obtained from exactly the same spot at each sample port.


Custom-made stream sampler, 30” long, for unit-dose sampling, bulk sampling, or simultaneous unitdose and bulk sampling while discharging the material; or Custom-made Model XVI Vertical Sampling Compaction Sampler, made of 316 Stainless Steel, 1.5” in diameter.


Standard bulk powder sampler. Made of 316 SS, 0.875” diameter, 3ft long with three 0.5625” W x 8.0” L non-partitioned (communicating) sample ports.


These samplers are custom-made to suit the customer’s sampling bottles and it takes samples directly into the bottles. The bottles are (preferably plastic) held inside stainless steel cups and do not get wet outside. The same sampler may be used with different size bottles by simply changing the bottle adapters.

Cleaning Validation

Remote Swabbing and Microbiological Sampling Tool

GlobePharma’s patented tool assists in cleaning validation swabbing of large vessels, tanks, reactors and hard to reach areas including baffles.

Cleaning Validation Coupons

Cleaning Validation Coupons are our specialty. We offer numerous stock materials and can source custom materials, sizes and finishes. Ask us for our list of available options.

Tablet Presses

MTCM I (Manual Tablet Compaction Machine)

The Manual Tablet Compression Machine can also be used for compression of unit-dose powder samples obtained with GlobePharma’s Unit-dose Powder Samplers into tablets for submission to the analytical lab. Double layer tablets as well as a tablet within a tablet can be made, one at a time, using this machine.