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Aczet see Aczet

Aerospace Incubators see BMT

Air Jet Sieve see Electrolab

Air Sampler see Climet

Altus Science see Altus Science

Analytical Balances see Aczet

Aqua Culture Incubators see BMT

Aqueous Conductivity Standards see Altus Science


Balance Containment Hood see Flow Sciences

Balances see Aczet

Bench-Top Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

BI-DCP Particle Size Analyzer  see Brookhaven Instruments

Biosafety Cabinets see TopAir Solutions

Blast Freezer see Froilabo


BOD Incubators see BMT

BOD Incubators see Powers Scientific

Borosilicate Glass Vials, TOC see Altus Science

Bottle Rotating Apparatus see Electrolab

Bulk Density Tester see Electrolab

Bulk Powder Sampler see Globe Pharma


Caframo see Caframo

Cannabis Incubators see BMT

Capsule Sinkers see Distek

Caulking Viscometer see Stony Brook

Cell Separation Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

Chromatography Detectors  see Brookhaven Instruments

Chromatography Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Cipher Software see Distek

Clamps see Caframo

Clean Labs see Hemco

Cleaning Validation Coupons see Globe Pharma

Climacell Incubators see BMT

Climate Control Chambers see BMT

Climatic Chambers see Froilabo

Climet see Climet

CO2 Incubators see BMT

Conductivity Standards see Altus Science

Constant Temperature Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Contained Environment see Flow Sciences

Containment Hood see Flow Sciences

Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber see TopAir Solutions


Deflection Type Refractometer  see Brookhaven Instrument

Dielectric Constant Meter  see Brookhaven Instruments

Diffusion Cell Apparatus see Electrolab

Direct Measurement Dissolution Testing see Distek

Disc Centrifuge  see Brookhaven Instruments

Disinfection see Tomi

Disintegration Tester see Distek

Disintegration Tester see Electrolab

Dissolution Sampler see Distek

Dissolution Testing see Distek

Dissolution Tester see Electrolab

Dissolution Vessel Filler see Distek

Dissolution Vessel Washer see Distek

Distek see Distek

Drosophila Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Dry Heat Ovens see BMT

Dry Heat Vacuum Ovens see BMT

Ductless Fume Hoods see TopAir Solutions

Duplicate Powder Sampler see Globe Pharma


Eclipse see Distek

Ecoline Ductless Fume Hoods see TopAir Solutions

Educational Fume Hoods see Hemco

Electrodes   see Brookhaven Instruments

Electrolab see Electrolab

Emergency Showers see Hemco

EnviroMax Enclosures see Hemco

Environmental Control Chambers see BMT

Environmental Disinfection see Tomi

ezfill Dissolution Vessel Filler see Distek


Falling Needle Viscometers see Stony Brook

Floor Standing Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

Flow Hood see Flow Sciences

Flow Sciences see Flow Sciences

Forensic Drying Hood see TopAir Solutions

Freeze Thaw Chambers see BMT

Freezers see Powers Scientific

Freezers, Low Temperature see Froilabo

Freezers, Ultra-Low Temperature see Froilabo

Friability Tester see Electrolab

Friocell Temperature Control Incubators see BMT

Fume Cupboards see TopAir Solutions

Fume Hoods see Hemco

Fume Hoods see TopAir Solutions


Gelcap Hardness Tester see Bareiss

Glass Vials, TOC see Altus Science

Globe Pharma see Globe Pharma

Granule Friability Tester see Electrolab

Growth Chambers see Powers Scientific

Growth Chambers see BMT


Hardness Tester see Bareiss

Hardness Tester, Tablet see Electrolab

Hemco see Hemco

HEPA Filter Hood see Flow Sciences

Humidified Incubators see Powers Scientific

Humidified Incubators see BMT


ICH Stability Chambers see BMT

ICH Stability Chambers see Powers Scientific

Impellers see Caframo

Incubators see BMT

Incubators see Powers Scientific

Incubators see Froilabo

Industrial Mixers see Caframo

Insect Rearing Incubators see BMT

Insect Rearing Incubators see Powers Scientific


Laboratory Balances see Aczet

Laboratory Freezers see Powers Scientific

Laboratory Ovens see Froilabo

Laboratory Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Laboratory Ventilation Systems see Hemco

Laminar Clean Bench see TopAir Solutions

Leak Tester see Electrolab

Light Scattering System   see Brookhaven Instruments

Liquid Sampler see Globe Pharma

Low Temperature Freezers see Froilabo

Low TOC Swabs see Altus Science


Micro Balances see Aczet

Micro Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

Microbial Air Sampler see Climet

Microbiological Containment Hood see Flow Sciences

Microbiological Incubators see BMT

Microbiological Sampling Tool see Globe Pharma

Mikro Air Jet Sieve see Electrolab

Mixers see Caframo

Modular Clean Labs see Hemco

Moisture Balances see Aczet

Molecular Weight Analyzer   see Brookhaven Instruments

MSE Centrufuges see MSE Centrifuges


Nanobrook Series   see Brookhaven Instruments

Nanotechnology Hood see Flow Sciences


Opt-Diss see Distek

Ovens, Laboratory see Froilabo

Overhead Stirrers see Caframo


Particle Counters see Climet

Particle Size Measurement    see Brookhaven Instruments

Particle Sizing   see Brookhaven Instruments

Particle Solutions Software    see Brookhaven Instruments

Pass Thru Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

PCR Cabinets see TopAir Solutions

Peristaltic Pumps see Electrolab

Pharmaceutical Air Sampler see Climet

Pharmacy Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Pharmacy Work Station see Flow Sciences

Photostability Chambers see BMT

Photostability Chambers see Powers Scientific

Plant Tissue Culture Chambers see Powers Scientific

Portable Hardness Tester see Electrolab

Portable Particle Counters see Climet

Powder Flow Tester see Electrolab

Powder Sampler see Globe Pharma

Powers Scientific see Powers Scientific

PrepEngine see Distek

Protein Crystal Growth Chambers see Powers Scientific


Reciprocating Dissolution Tester see Electrolab

Refractometer   see Brookhaven Instruments

Refractometer, Deflection Type   see Brookhaven Instruments

Refrigerated Centrifuges see MSE Centrifuges

Refrigerated Incubators see Powers Scientific

Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Remote Swabbing see Globe Pharma

Rodent Incubators see Powers Scientific


Safety Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

Sample Preparation see Distek

Semi-Micro Balances see Aczet

SensIR see Distek

Shafts see Caframo

Shelf Life Incubators see BMT

Small Volume Conversion Kit see Distek

Small Volume Dissolution see Distek

Sonics & Materials see Sonics

Specialty Powder Sample see Globe Pharma

Spray Disinfection see Tomi

Stability Chambers see BMT

Stability Chambers see Powers Scientific

Stability Incubators see BMT

Stand Clamps see Caframo

Stands see Caframo

Steramist see Tomi

Sterilization Ovens see BMT

Stirrers see Caframo

Stony Brook Scientific see Stony Brook

Swabs Low TOC see Altus Science


Tab Density Tester see Electrolab

Tablet Press see Globe Pharma

Tablet Hardness Tester see Bareiss

Tablet Hardness Tester see Electrolab

Tablet Tester see Electrolab

Temperature Control Incubators see BMT

Temperature Forcing System see Froilabo

Tissue Culture Chambers see Powers Scientific

TOC Standards see Altus Science

Tomi see Tomi

Top Loading Balances see Aczet

Total Organic Carbon Standards see Altus Science

Trident Air Monitoring see Climet

Triplicate Powder Sampler see Globe Pharma


Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers see Froilabo

Ultrasonic Processors see Sonics

Under Counter Freezers see Powers Scientific

Under Counter Refrigerators see Powers Scientific

UniFlow Fume Hoods see Hemco

UniMax Fume Hoods see Hemco

UPS Apparatus 1 and 2 see Distek

UPS Apparatus 3 and 7 see Electrolab


Vaccucell Incubators see BMT

Vacuum Ovens see BMT

Validation Coupons, Cleaning see Globe Pharma

Validation Disinfection see Tomi

Validation Standards, TOC see Altus Science

Ventilation Systems see Hemco

Vials Teflon Septa see Altus Science

Vibration Free Balance Hood see Flow Sciences

Vibration Processors see Sonics

Viscometers see Stony Brook


Water Baths see Froilabo

Water Treatment Incubators see BMT

Zeta Potential Analyzer   see Brookhaven Instruments

Zeta Potential Measurement   see Brookhaven Instruments