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Pharmatron Multitest 50

Pharmatron Multitest

Tablet Hardness Tester

The MultiTest 50 is a manual tablet testing system that offers the highest precision, robustness, and exceptional user-friendliness. From a basic hard- ness test to complete measuring of up to five physical parameters (weight, thickness, width, diameter / length, hardness) – the MultiTest 50 has been designed for efficient operation. Advanced electronics and robust mechanics provide for highly reliable test data that can be automatically evaluated for ease of regulatory compliance. Its outstanding quality with proven Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron hardness measuring technology makes the MultiTest 50 the ideal choice for all kinds of environments – from directly inside the compression room (IPC) to R&D and Quality Control laboratories.

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CO2 Incubator

The newest generation of CO2 incubators aims at constant and repeatable conditions for procedures of cells and tissues growth and other cultivation processes. The system of direct heating eliminates the necessity of a fan use and consequently it also eliminates the risks of vibrations and cross contamination. The infrared sensor without any variations provides maximal reliability and precision of measuring in the course of the whole process. The installation and maintenance is very easy thanks to unique directly- heated chamber. The inner glassed door is sealed against the chamber insulation, which allows check of samples without inner environment conditions loss. The external door is also sealed by its own external sealing.
Many useful possibilities support such characteristics as decontamination at 160°C or sterilization at 200°C, while the CO2 / O2 sensor remains inside of the device. Internal door with several glasses minimise loss of conditions in the chamber after the door opening, the oxygen volume is controlled, etc.

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Citizen CM22

Pipette Micro balance

The CM 22P series of balances has been designed to meet high requirements for measuring small masses with a readability of d=1 pg. The weighing chamber has been specially designed for the calibration of pipettes.
Non-centrically located aperture in the upper part of the chamber makes it easier to insert a pipette.
Such a Solution Limits possible air draughts. Pipette calibration may be Conducted with a closed weighing Chamber. Micro Balances are equipped with a graphic display with an extended user menu. In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurements. An automatic system of calibration has been applied. Microbalance consists of two components. One of them contains electronic modules and the other precise mechanical measuring system. Such a solution guarantees the elimination of temperature changes influencing the indication of the microbalance.

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Climet CI-3100 Remote Sensor

Climet CI-3100

Remote Sensor Particle Counter

The CI-3100 Series of particle counters are engineered and manufactured with only the highest quality materials. This ensures a long product life-cycle, and up to decades of reliable use. Moreover, we provide calibration support services for all our devices over their lifetime. Our reputation, and where we really excel, is providing highly accurate particle counts over time. Climet internal audits confirm that units returned for calibration have an “In Tolerance” rate of more than 98%. This includes some units that have been manufactured over a decade ago. Simply, Climet particle counters are designed, tested, and calibrated with very tight tolerances to exceed industry standards. Over a decade of count efficiency testing has demonstrated that a properly calibrated Climet particle counter produces good count efficiency, even after more than a decade of field operation!

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Citizen CY

Premium Precision Balance

CITIZEN’S new and improved precision series incorporates unique and unequalled high-end technology built to match the highest international standards. The result is TEN fold increase in weighing performance which maintains our proven, simple and easy-to-use operator interface. The attractive quality of this new design is demonstrated by the CE mark of conformity along with the CITIZEN’s ISO 9001:2008 certification.
Citizen precision balance comes with all the intelligent capability you need for your daily routine application other than “Basic Weighing” like Piece Counting Percentage (%) weighing CY-C & CG-C Series precision balances comes with fully Automatic Internal Calibration (Details as stated in CX Series)

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