Validation Services

Many of the vendors that Betatek represents specialize in manufacturing instrumentation designed primarily for highly regulated industries, including pharmaceutical and food. These instruments are specifically designed to be validatable.

Betatek has years of experience working in concert with our manufacturers and customers, offering a complete range of validation options to meet your needs and your budgets. We can also supply, were appropriate, software which is validatable and compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Our packages cover the installation (IQ), operation (OQ), and in some cases performance (PQ) qualification. Depending on your needs, we can supply documentation only, or a complet validation package. A trained representative from Betatek or one of our suppliers, can perform the entire IQ/OQ.

A partial list of instrumentation for which we offer validation includes:

  • Distek Dissolution Test System
  • Distek Dissolution Autosampler
  • Powers Stability and Photostability Chambers
  • Stony Brook Falling Needle Viscometer
  • Climet Particle Counters

Calibration Services

Regulatory requirements or in-house Standard Operation Procedures frequently call for instrument calibration. Betatek has the expertise and the traceable tools to perform the calibration of a wide range of laboratory and pharmaceutical instruments.

We are an official service agent for Flow Sciences Containment Stations. We can recalibrate both the air flow and safety alarms to maintain the effectiveness of these enclosures to protect your personnel and/or product.

One of our other areas of expertise is the calibration of Stability Chambers and Rooms. We can ensure that both the temperature and humidity probes are calibrated and functioning within tolerance, as well as perform a multiprobe chamber mapping to verify temperature uniformity.

In Addition we offer Iso Calibration for our Climet Particle Counters.


Repair Services

Every product that you purchase is covered by our Standard One Year Warranty, including parts and labour. In some cases, some of our vendors extend the warranty beyond one year, also fully supported by Betatek.

We work with a Canada-Wide team of technicians to provide prompt, ongoing service. Even after your warranty is up, you can count on us to see that service is available for all of the instruments that you have purchased from us.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

A Preventive Maintenance Program can reduce your costs two ways. By scheduling P.M. visits, and because of our reasonable hourly rates, the service charges over the life of your instruments are greatly reduced. In addition, the operational life of your instruments will be extended.

During our technician’s visit, your instrument will be inspected, cleaned and if necessary, adjusted. Worn parts will be replaced to ensure ongoing and trouble-free operation. This will also be an opportune time to answer any questions and review proper operating procedure with you and your staff. We can customize this program to your specific needs.