Froilabo is a world leader in the manufacturing of temperature-controlled laboratory equipment. Renowned for precision and reliability, Froilabo manufactures ultra low temperature freezers, low temperature freezers, blast freezers, incubators, ovens and climate chambers that cater to the exacting needs of scientific and research environments. Their products ensure optimal conditions for experiments, storage, and preservation of sensitive samples. With a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of laboratory requirements, Froilabo is a trusted choice for professionals seeking top-tier temperature-controlled solutions.

Froilabo Evolution -86°C Freezer

Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers -86°C

With over 100 years of experience Froilabo’s ultra-low temperature freezers are designed in France and manufactured in their modern ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified European production facility.
Featuring chest and upright models, Froilabo’s -86°C ULT Freezers guarantee maximum protection of your samples at all times. Their extensive range features a solution for every laboratory with volumes ranging from 175 L to 1000 L, which is the equivalent storage for up to 72,000 vials (2 mL).

Froilabo Trust -45°C Freezer

Low Temperature Freezers -45°C

Froilabo’s Low Temperature Freezers has been designed and optimised for daily use with frequent door openings.

Priority has been given to fast temperature recovery without compromising power consumption.

Blast Freezer

Rapid and powerful cooling with the Froilabo Blast Freezer.

Prepare your samples for cold storage with the Froilabo Blast Freezer, rapid and reproducible cooling at the core of every sample.

Temperature Forcing System

A first in class temperature forcing system providing fast and accurate results. This versatile and stable thermal air conditioning unit is perfect for heating electronic components and printed circuits boards, performing climatic simulations, electronic characterisations, temperature cycling and targeted freezing.

Froilabo Bio Performance Incubator


These accurate and durable laboratory incubators are available with natural or forced convection refrigeration.

Froilabo’s range of laboratory incubators provide flexible solutions suited to a variety of applications. Supporting capacities from 60 litres to 1,300 litres they are suitable for large and small laboratories.

Froilabo Ari Performance Oven

Laboratory Ovens

Froilabo’s range of High Temperature Laboratory Ovens meet all your applications up to 250°C.

Efficient, reliable and cost-effective they are suited to a wide variety of industrial needs.

Climatic Chambers

Froilabo’s range of environmental chambers meet all environmental needs by offering a variety of temperatures and sizes for all laboratories.

The compact SP series is available in 3 volumes from 90 liters to 540 L.

Water Baths

Froilabo’s serology water baths arevailable in 2 volumes (3 and 6 liters). Their transparent plexiglass tank will enable the viewing and control of your samples. Very easy to use, the bath’s push button control allows the setting of the ambient temperature + 7°C to + 60°C and preset at the factory to 37°C and 56°C.