Aczet Laboratory Balances

Aczet Analytical and Top Loading Laboratory Balances

Precise Results Unrivaled in its Perfomance Class

Whether you are carrying out a simple routine task or a complicated weighing procedure, Aczet Balances will impress you with their excellent performance, delivering accurate results within the shortest possible time, thanks to MonoTech and Perfect Self Automatic Calibration (PSAC).

The proven MonoTech weighing technology guarantees long operation life and extreme ruggedness, while PSAC automatically calibrates the balances using internal weights whenever changes in temperature affect the accuracy of your weighing results. For added security, you can configure PSAC to initiate self-calibration at specific times or with every power on.

Aczet Micro Balance

Aczet Micro/Semi-Micro Balances

Aczet Micro and Semi-Micro Balances are perfectly designed to meet the exacting needs of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as all applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility down to the microgram level. They meet the most stringent requirements, the rugged MonoTech Sensor offers reliability and standard conformity.

Thanks to PSAC (Perfect Self Automatic Calibration), when the ambient temperature changes by a specific value, or at a user-defined interval, these balances perform an automatic internal calibration to ensure the highest accuracy and consistency.

A high contrast backlit display ensures easy readability, and an infrared sensor allows hands-free weighing. An RS232C interface supports the generation of a GLP compliant printout.

Aczet Moisture Balance

The Uncompromising Halogen Moisture Analyzer

The new Aczet Moisture Analyzer allows you to achieve high productivity without compromising quality. A uniquely designed halogen lamp and reflectors ensure rapid heating, shortening measurement time, and the well-engineered heating chamber ensures uniform heating to achieve reproducible results.

The outstanding measurement performance of the MB series is based on MonoTech weighing technology. The fourth digit is not displayed but is used in the calculation of highly precise results.

The Aczet Moisture Balance produces a customizable, fully ISO/GPL compliant printout with up to four user ids. Every successful calibration is tracked and recorded with incremental numbers and stored in memory.