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Less Downtime, More Productivity

Flow Sciences, a leading provider of containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant, and manufacturing facilities, delivers low cost of ownership and high return on investment. By utilizing intricate engineering and design into the construction of enclosure, they are able to achieve exceptional filter life. Airfoil and interior plenum innovation allows the company to match personnel protection with minimal interior powder-deposition and optimal contaminant distribution across the filter surface.

Flow Sciences’ top-mounted fan design allows the filter to last for 4 to 5 years and prevents powder “recoil” back into the enclosure. A clean workspace means no cross-contamination. All of this means less downtime and more productivity!

With the Flow Sciences Advantage, you are able to enjoy the following features:

Lower Cost of Ownership: 4 to 5 year filter life, 4” pleated HEPA filters, and vibration reduction on the work surface yields an exceptionally low cost of ownership.

Ultra-Micro-Level Employee Protection: Flow Sciences’ team of scientists and engineers have proven powder concentration outside of the enclosure to nanogram levels.

User-oriented Ergonomic Design: Go/No-Go alarm, hinged doors, and input left/output right design promotes ease of use and maximized efficiency of work.

Balance Stability: Flow Sciences’ exhaust system design allows for consistent balance stability up to 7 decimal places. This is crucial for reproducibility and accuracy of weighing.

Vibration-Free Engineering: With intuitive engineering controls, there is no detectable vibration transferred to the work surface. This yields accuracy for sensitive equipment such as micro balances.

Reduced Energy Costs: Even powder-deposition onto the primary HEPA filter results in consistently lower energy costs per billing period.

Vented Balance Enclosures

Top Mount Containment ETA Series VBE, CVE, Class I Bio Safety Cabinet

  • Designed for working with balances and other equipment
    • Available in many exhaust configurations
    • Vibration reduction technology for reproducibility and accuracy
    • Acrylic Construction with Phenolic Resin Base

Bulk Powder Enclosures

Flow Sciences has developed specialty containment enclosures for powders being handled in the Pilot Plant and Manufacturing facilities. Their exceptional quality and high levels of containment span many different applications and processes, including:

  • Process Solutions
  • Bulk Powder
  • Bag In/Bag Out
  • Bulk Powder/Chemical Transfer

Nitrogenema™ Glove Box

Containment at its driest. The Flow Sciences Nitrogenema™ enclosure series is capable of protecting your process by nearly eliminating moisture or oxygen with the flow of inert gas. Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a cumbersome metal isolator, see how the Flow Sciences Nitrogenema™ series can solve your application needs.

Nanotechnology Hoods

Nanotechnology is a dynamic science producing new materials and products with extraordinary functional properties in of medicine, energy, aeronautics, and the environment. However, there is little regulation governing this science , specifically with regard to personal and environmental exposure risks.
Nanoparticles exhibit different and varying levels of toxicity, chemical, and physical properties in comparison to their macroscale. For these reasons alone the researchers must protect their breathing zones and implement sound risk assessment and risk management strategy by investing in containment instrumentation.

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Custom Design/Build

Flow Sciences has been engineering custom containment for the pharmaceutical and research industries. Our dedicated team of design engineers can customize based on the client’s OEL levels and process requirements.
The procedure for custom engineered enclosures is very thorough. Flow Sciences’ engineering team evaluates each process or product that is being enclosed and strives to understand the containment issues at hand and then designs a system to meet those requirements

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CytoSolutions Cytotoxic Work Stations

Flow Sciences’ glovebox workstations have long been lauded for personnel and product protection, as well as exceeding containment performance and targets when dealing with even the most highly potent APIs. The Glovebox Workstation offers sub-nanogram containment, which is critical for ADC applications given the potency of materials. Decontamination has always been a concern for labs working on ADC— this rigid wall solution allows for companies to utilize better equipment that won’t be destroyed after a single use, and let manufacturers integrate enhanced washdown/cleaning protocols to satisfy increasing scrutiny on proper safe handling of conjugates. The Glovebox Workstation is the first step in an end-to-end process for research and development markets that are growing exponentially.

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Service and Proper Use Videos

Flow Sciences has produced a vast collection of videos to assist you in the service and proper use of their products.

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