HEMCO offers a complete line of Laboratory Fume Hoods, including bench-mounted hoods in widths from 24 to 96 inches and floor-mounted (walk-in) hoods from 48 to 144 inches wide and up to 96 inches deep. Hemco UniFlow hoods are constant volume low flow designed for performance and energy savings. HEMCO UniFlow Fume Hoods are designed and manufactured to conform and perform to industry recommendations and standards.

Betatek offers complete services and systems to complete your UniFlow Fume Hood installation, such as service fixtures for gases and liquids, plumbing, electrical services, work surfaces, sinks, base cabinets, ventilation ducting, HEPA and carbon filters, monitors and exhaust blowers to meet your exact application requirements.

UniFlow Fume Hoods

High efficiency, full duty fume hood in 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” widths. UniFlow SE AireStream Fume Hoods are designed for energy savings & maximum user protection. The aerodynamic face opening with airfoil provides uniform air flow through the fume chamber. A constant volume low flow hood with Vector Baffle System directs the air through the fume chamber to the bell shaped exhaust collar with minimal turbulence. Requires Remote Exhaust Blower. Fume hood is U.L.1805 classified.

UniMax&™ Floor Mount

UniMax floor mounted hoods are supplied in standard models from 6′ to 24′ wide, with various depth and height options. The unique modular construction features 2″ thick walls that have chemical resistant composite resin or stainless steel surface panels. This also allows the hood to ship knockdown and be moved through standard lab entry doors for easy on site assembly.

Modular Clean Labs

HEMCO modular rooms are engineered and built to meet your exact size and design specification. Wall panel options are available to meet thermal, chemical resistance, sound, and fire rated requirements. Roof / ceiling systems can provide load-bearing capacity or be suspended for overhead supply plenums. Modular room systems are a cost and time effective answer to your enclosure needs. The pre-engineered design allows you to immediately put a facility into use and quickly adapt with minimal installation and costly down time.

EnviroMax Enclosures

Designed to protect personnel from potentially hazardous fumes, vapors and odors. The enclosure
can connect to in-house exhaust system or a dedicated exhaust blower, to provide the internal negative pressure needed to safely remove hazardous fumes from the work area. Air supply into the enclosure is supplied from the surrounding lab environment.

Ventilation Systems

Ductwork connected to fume hoods may be arranged in a variety of patterns depending on requirements. Generally, the best exhaust system involves the shortest duct length and the fewest elbows. Duct size, length, and number of elbows affect static pressure loss and blower efficiency. Ideally, each fume hood should have its own ducting and blower to maximize hood flexibility and reduce danger of back draft from other hoods.

Educational Products

Hemco offers a variety of products well suited to use in educational environments, including the Demonstration Hood which is designed for classroom and group observation situations, the SSE Enclosure, a Versatile vented enclosure is ideal for student workstations, and the VSE Balance Enclosure, a versatile vented balance enclosure, ideal for critical weighing procedures, pathology, cytology, and histology applications.

Emergency Showers

Hemco Emergency Shower Decontamination Booths, are available with strip curtains, alarm horns, alarm lights, grab bars, eye/face wash, overhead drench shower, handheld eye/face wash.
These enclosures are made of durable one-piece seamless fiberglass construction with glass-smooth white surfaces and coved corners for ease of clean-up.

Emergency showers are available with translucent frosted strip curtains, which provides easy access into the booth while containing contaminated water splash.


UniLine design incorporates Hemco’s most popular casework groupings to meet your laboratory needs Welded steel with chemical resistant, epoxy powder coat finish, and 1” thick phenolic resin countertops, 4” high backsplashes, and flush ends come standard. Standard height 36″, ADA height 34″,and sitting height 28″options are available. Standard color: Lab White. (Or color to your spec) Groupings can be supplied with optional Fume hoods.