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Founded in 1954, Bareiss has been committed to research and development innovations for many years, with core technology at the center, including the production of hardness measuring instruments. A strong industry advantage for Bareiss is that they manufacture up to 95% of their components in-house. Their professional experience in the unique modular design of products can effectively save manpower, time and money, if and when any components need to be replaced or repaired. Bareiss’s research and development team can assist their customers in building an instrument based on their customized needs and budget.

Gelcap Hardness Tester

Digi test II Gelomat

Digi test II Gelomat is a capsule hardness tester developed specifically for soft capsules:
digitest II-Gelomat is an innovative testing device that was developed by Bareiss for the assured
quality control on gelatin capsules.

Range of application: Modular and digital hardness testing system for hardness determination
on soft elastic materials e.g. gelatin, gelatin capsules, plasticine etc.
Two pressure application options are available, 0-2 N or 0-20 N, which can be easily replaced as

Gelatin capsules positioning devices:
Bareiss can customize different holding discs based on the shape, dimension and quantity of
gelatin capsules being tested.

Application Video